A GNU/Linux version of Windows “alt codes”

One little feature on Windows that I’ve always liked is “alt codes” , where you hold down the Alt key and tap out a number and get a lovely little Unicode character appearing in your text. And it didn’t really make sense to me that the same thing wasn’t possible on my GNU/Linux laptop. Clearly […]

The joys of running your own server…

A bit over a month ago, the Slicehost VPS on which I ran this site (along with all my other services) decided to stop responding to requests. Pings were still going through but connections would just time out. Going into the web management interface, I discovered that something was causing the CPU to sit on […]

Hello world!

Having complained to myself about Google Sites for a long time, I have finally made the move to WordPress, which offers several benefits: I host the site myself, and  thus can do whatever I want with it. It’s much nicer to use and much nicer to view. Plugins! Lots of  plugins! Ahem. Anyway, I’ll be […]